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CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe

1. This CNC lathe CK6180E can be collocated with optional automatic feeding rack in accordance with the demands of customers.
2. There are two kinds of clamping devices for selection, namely the three-claw chuck and the spring collet.
3. The spindle is supported by the high precision rolling bearing that rotates accurately. Moreover, the carriage is transmitted vertically and horizontally by the high precision ball screw that features excellent dynamic performance and high positioning precision.
4. The guide rail of the CNC lathe is made of the wear resistant cast iron that is hardened at ultrahigh frequency. The hardness of the guide rail is over HRC45° and it can keep stable processing precision for a long time.
5. As the machine is easy to vibrate in the turning process, it is designed with high strength pedestal and the widened carriage, especially suitable for powerful turning.

Technical Parameters

Item No. 231009
Model CK6180E
Max. swing diameter of workpiece over bed 800mm
Max. swing diameter of workpiece on the carriage 480mm
Max. processing length 1000, 1500, 3000mm
Form of main transmission Three gears mechanical transmission with frequency conversion continuously variable speed
No. of spindle speed Infinite variable
Continuously variable spindle speed 25-850 r/min
Spindle end structure C11
Spindle bore 100mm
Front taper of spindle hole (Metric system) 120 1:20
Model of main motor YVP160M-4-11kW
Max. travel of tool post X-axis: 430mm Z-axis:1200, 1650, 3100 mm
Ball screw diameter × thread pitch X-axis: 3205mm Z-axis: 5010mm
Fast feeding speed X-axis: 4000mm Z-axis: 5000mm
Positioning precision X-axis: 0.025mm Z-axis: 0.03mm
Repeated positioning precision X-axis: 0.01mm Z-axis: 0.015mm
Processing precision IT6-IT7
Roughness of processed surface Ral.6
Diameter of tailstock sleeve 100mm
Tailstock sleeve stroke 250mm
Taper of tailstock sleeve MT6
Standard tool post Electric vertical four station turret
Optional tool post Electric horizontal six station turret
Repeatability precision 0.008mm
Section of cutter arbor 30×30mm
Standard control system GSK980TDa
Optional control system KND, FANUC, SIEMENS
Servo drive motor of control system X-axis: X130SJT-M100B Z-axis: X130SJT-M150B
Overall dimension 3200(3700)(5200)×1820×1780mm
Machine weight 3600, 3900, 5400 kg
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