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The shaper B635A is mainly used for planing the flat surface, forming surface and groove on the small and medium-sized singleton workpiece in small batch production.

1.The worktable of the product is able to turn left and right at different angles for it is equipped with horizontal and vertical moving mechanism. For planing the inclined plane, this product expands the range of applications.
2. The feeding system applies the cam mechanism to modulate the feed rate conveniently.
3. In the feeding system, the product is installed with the overload protection mechanism. Once something abnormal happens, like careless operation, external impact or overload cutting, the blade will slip automatically without damaging the parts of the machine, keeping the machine running normally.
4. The gap between the ram and the guide rail of the machine, the speed gear pair and the main sliding guide surface will be lubricated by the oil pump. It is a circulating lubrication.
5. There is a parking brake device installed in the product. Therefore, users can shift the gear, start the machine and stop the machine easily without cutting off the power.

Technical Specifications

Item No. 281001
Model B635A
Max. planing length 350mm
Max. distance between ram bottom and table surface 330mm
Max. worktable moving distance (horizontal) 400mm
Max. worktable moving distance (vertical) 270mm
Maximum outstretched distance from the leading surface of the shaper to the bed 550mm
Max. displacement of the ram 170mm
Max. turning angle of the worktable (no vise) ±90°
Max. turning angle of the worktable (vise) ±55°
Maximum vertical travel of the turret 110mm
Reciprocating frequency of the ram per minute 32, 50, 80, 125
The feed rate of the worktable in each reciprocating motion of the ram Gear rotates for a tooth (vertical) 0.18mm
Gear rotates for a tooth (horizontal) 0.21mm
Gear rotates for 4 tooth (vertical) 0.73mm
Gear rotates for 4 tooth (horizontal) 0.84mm
Motor power 1.5kw 1400r/min
Packing size 1530×930×1370mm
N.W./G.W. 1000/1200kg
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