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CNC Metal Cutting Band Saw

CNC Metal Cutting Band Saw

Detailed Information
1.This CNC metal cutting band saw BSK-850G offers automatic feeding and cutting.
2. It is totally controlled by the PLC.
3. Our product is equipped with the hydraulic clamping device.
4. The saw bow is able to rotate automatically at 45° angle at maximum.
5. With the servo motor, it is able to cut at continuously variable speed.
6. This machine can feed the materials at the distance that is 600mm far once.
7. The maximum distance of feeding material for one time is 600mm.

Technical Parameters

Item No. 388128
Specifications BSK-850G
Capacity Circular at 90° 600mm
Rectangular at 90° 850×600mm
Circular at 45°(Right) 400mm
Rectangular at 45°(Right) 400×600mm
Blade size 54×1.6×7180mm
Motor power 5.5kW
Packing size 5000×2200×2560mm
Weight 4900kg
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