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Semi  Automatic Double Column Horizontal Band Saw

Semi Automatic Double Column Horizontal Band Saw

Detailed Information
1.The semi automatic double column horizontal band saw GB-4280 works with excellent steady performance and high rigidity.
2. The hydraulic clamp comes with easy and reliable operation.
3. Under continuously variable speed control, the saw blade also performs with adjustable linear velocity.
4. Our product is equipped with the automatic chip removal device.
5. It is suited for material blanking in the middle and large-sized mechanical processing enterprises.

Technical Parameters

Item No. 271306
Model GB-4280
Cutting range Round steel ø800mm
Square steel 800×800mm
Min. clamping diameter 380mm
Blade size 54×1.6×8200mm
Blade speed 15-70m/min
Motor power Cutting motor 7.5kW
Hydraulic motor 3.75kW(5HP)
Cooling motor 0.25kW
Chip removing motor 0.09kW
Hydraulic station pressure 4.5Mpa
Table height 580mm
Overall dimension 4045×1460×2670mm
Size of electric feeding carriage 1077×1041×3000mm
Weight of electric feeding carriage 1100kg
Oil tank capacity 100L
Water tank capacity 185 L
Packing size 4045 ×1460 ×2760mm
Machine weight 7000kg
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