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Double Column Horizontal Band Saw

Double Column Horizontal Band Saw

Detailed Information
1.This horizontal band saw TGK-4235 is designed with double columns that are lifted vertically with high stability.
2. It makes use of the hydraulic device to control the cutting speed with continuously variable regulation.
3. Due to the hydraulic clamping system, this product is easy for operation.
4. The hydraulic clamping device for clamping the workpiece at three positions is optional.

Technical Parameters

Item No. 271202
Specifications TGK-4235
Max. cutting capacity ø350-350x350mm
Cutting speed 45, 69m/min
Feed speed Hydraulic variable speed
Blade size 4115×41×1.1mm
Work piece clamping method Hydraulic
Blade tensioning way Hydraulic
Main motor power 2.2/2.8kW
Oil pump motor power 0.55kW
Cooling motor power 0.04kW
Drive method Gear
Overall dimension 2000×1150×1500mm
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