Band Saw
  • BS-912G
  • BS-912GDR
  • BS-916V

9" Band Saw

1. The maximum processing capability is 9".
2. The 912G and 912GDR have four cutting speeds, while the 916V is of stepless speed regulation.
3. The saw bow of the 912GDR and 916V, as well as the jaw of 912G, can rotate from 0 ° to 45°.
4. Our 9" band saw has quick clamps that can be rotated from 0° to 45°.
5. The falling speed of saw bow is controlled by hydraulic cylinder.
6. The coolant system of the 9" band saw can prolong the service life of saw blade and improve the precision of the workpiece.
7. Our 9" band saw is equipped with a block feeder (with fixed sawing length).

Technical Specifications
9" Band Saw
(BS-912G, BS-912GDR, BS-916V)

Item No. 388012 388113 388011 388010 388121 388014
Model BS-912GR BS-912GDR BS-912G BS-912B BS-916VR BS-916V
Capacity Circular @90° 229mm(9") 229mm(9") 229mm(9") 229mm(9") 229mm(9") 229mm(9")
Rectangular @90° 178x305mm (7"x12") 178x305mm (7"x12") 178x305mm (7"x12") 178x305mm (7"x12") 127x405mm(5"x16") 127x405mm (5"x16")
Circular @45° 150mm(6") 150mm(6") 150mm(6") 150mm(6") 150mm(6") 150mm(6")
Rectangular @45° 127x150mm (5"x6") 127x150mm (5"x6") 127x150mm (5"x6") 127x150mm (5"x6") 150x190mm(6"x7.5") 150x190mm (6"x7.5")
Blade speed @60Hz 38,78,115MPM 38,78,115MPM 38,78,115MPM 32,60,88,115MPM 22-122MPM 95-402FPM 22-122MPM 95-402FPM
@50Hz 31,65,95MPM 31,65,95MPM 31,65,95MPM 26,50,73,95MPM 18-102MPM 78-335FPM 18-102MPM 78-335FPM
Blade size 27x0.9x2655mm 27x0.9x2655mm 27x0.9x2655 mm 27x0.9x2655mm 27X0.9X3215mm 27x0.9x3035mm
Motor power 1.1kW 1.5HP(3PH),1.5kW 2HP(1PH) 1.5kW 2HP(3PH)
Drive Gear Gear Gear V-belt V-belt V-belt
Packing size 160x60x115cm 147x74x132cm 158x62x115cm 154x59x115cm 188x78x134cm 180x77x114cm
N.W./G.W. 220/260kg 230/280kg 220/250kg 230/260 kg 320/380kg 300/360kg
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