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European Design Band Saw
  • BS-260G
  • BS-180G
  • BS-280G

European Design Band Saw

1. The European design band saw features European design, dovetail-type clamp movement and locking mechanism.
2. The European design band saw features double-speed selection.
3. The saw bow can be rotated from 0° to 45°. It has the characteristics of worm gear box transmission structure.
4. The calibration of the jaw is convenient for adjustment and positioning at any angle.
5. The falling speed of saw bow is controlled by hydraulic cylinder.
6. The European design band saw has a sizing device (the machine will automatically stop after sawing the materials).
7. The European design band saw has a power break protection device (the machine will automatically power off when the rear protective cover is opened).
8. The cooling system of the European design band saw can prolong the service life of saw blade and improve the precision of the workpiece.
9. It is equipped with a block feeder (with fixed sawing length).

Technical Specifications

Item 388016 388017 388007 388118 388119
Model BS-170G BS-260G BS-180G BS-215G BS-280G
Capacity Circular @90° 170mm(6.7") 227mm(9") 180mm(7") 150mm(6") 220mm(8.6")
Rectangular @90° 170x200mm (6.7"x7.8") 260x110mm (10"x4.3") 180x260mm (7"x10") 200x120mm (7.8"x4.7") 250x155mm (10"x6.1")
Circular @60° 70mm 90mm(3.5") 100(4")
Rectangular @60° 60x60mm (2.3"x2.3") 85x85mm (3.3"x3.3") 80x95mm (3.1"x3.7")
Circular @45° 120mm(4.7") 150mm(6") 105mm(4") 120mm(4.7") 160mm(6")
Rectangular @45° 110x110mm (4.3"x4.3") 150x125mm (5.9"x5") 120x105mm (4.75"x4") 130x90mm (5"x3.5") 160x110mm (6.3"x4.3")
@60Hz 2P,80MPM 262FPM 2P,72MPM 236FPM 39,66,82 MPM
@50Hz 4P,40MPM 131FPM 4P,36MPM 118FPM 34,55,66 MPM 40/80MPM 40/80MPM
Blade size 20X0.9X2085mm 27x0.9x2455mm 20X0.9X2362mm 20x0.9x2060mm 27X0.9X2450mm
Motor power 0.75/1.1kW 1/1.5HP(3PH) 0.75/1.1kW 1/1.5HP(3PH) 750W 1PH(3PH), 1.1kW 1.5HP(1PH) 0.6/0.85kW 0.8/1.1HP(3PH) 0.75/1.1kW 1/1.5HP(3PH)
Drive Gear Gear Gear Gear Gear
Packing size 125x72x100cm 146x72x110cm 131x57x113cm 116x71x79cm(body) 61x39x67cm(stand) 133x80x105cm(body) 67x40x62cm(stand)
N.W./G.W. 170/202kg 190/263kg 180/210kg 212/245kg 254/287kg
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