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Double Column Horizontal Band Saw

Double Column Horizontal Band Saw

Detailed Information
1. The double column horizontal band saw features outstanding stability and rigidity.
2. The hydraulic system is applied to the material clamping and feeding, as well as blade tensioning.
3. In the automatic sawing cycle, the saw blade is fed at continuously variable speed via frequency conversion.
4. Our product is the integration of mechanical, electric and hydraulic devices, controlled by the PLC.
5. This double column horizontal band saw uses the magnetic scale with recorded magnetic wave for positioning the size of the materials precisely. On the touch screen, the dimensional difference, the quantity of fed materials will be displayed.

Technical Parameters

Item No. 271302 271304
Model GZK-4265 GZK-4250
Cutting range Round steel ø550mm ø500mm
Square steel 650×500mm 500×450mm
Saw blade size 54×1.6×7100mm 41×1.3×6050mm
Saw blade speed 22-73m/min 18-90m/min
Cutting motor 5.5kW 5.5kW
Oil pump motor 1.5kW 1.5kW
Cooling pump motor 0.25kW 0.25kW
Hydraulic system pressure 4.0Mpa 4.0Mpa
Table height 638mm 638mm
Overall dimension 3458×3659×2221mm 3173×2990×2000mm
Weight 4500kg 4300kg
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