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Cutting Off Saw

Cutting Off Saw

1. The cutting off saw features quick cutting speed and high work efficiency.
2. It is suitable for cut-off the round, special pipe and all kinds of angle steel and flat steel.
3. It can be swiveled ±45°
4. It can rapidly fasten the working platform.
5. The 24V low-voltage controlled hand switch is convenient for operation.
6. The safety hood of saw blade opens or closes according to the cutting needs, making it safety.

Technical Specifications
Cutting Off Saw (TV-300/TV350)

Item No. 388023 388024
Model TV-300 TV-350
Max. blade size 300mm 350mm
Capacity Circular @90° 100mm(3.9") 120mm(4.7")
Rectangular @90° 70x120mm(2.7"x4.7") 80x120mm(3.1"x4.7")
Circular @45° 90mm(3.5") 105mm(4.1")
Rectangular @45° 70x90mm(2.7"x3.5") 90x100mm(3.5"x3.9")
Blade speed @50HZ 5400rpm 4300rpm
Vice opening 190mm(7.5") 190mm(7.5")
Motor power 4kW 50/60HZ 4kW 50/60HZ
Drive Belt Belt
Packing size 98x62x90cm(body) 77x57x47cm(stand) 98x62x95cm(body) 77x57x47cm(stand)
N.W./G.W. 105/115kg 135/145kg
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