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Pneumatic Cutting Off Saw (Cutting Aluminum Alloy)

Pneumatic Cutting Off Saw (Cutting Aluminum Alloy) QCS-400

1. Pneumatic circular saw QCS-400 controls the up and down movement of the saw blade through an air cylinder.
2. It can be swiveled ±45°
3. Professional for cutting aluminum alloy.
4. Our pneumatic circular saw especially suitable for cutting aluminum alloy.

Technical Specifications
Pneumatic Circular Saw (cutting aluminum alloy) QCS-400

Item No. 388025
Model QCS-400
Max. blade size 400mm
Capacity Circular @90° 105mm(4.1")
Rectangular @90° 200x80mm(7.8"x3.1")
Circular @45°(Left & Right) 105mm(3.5")
Rectangular @45°(Left & Right) 200x80mm(7.8"x3.1")
Blade speed @50HZ 2800rpm
Motor power 1.1kW
Drive Belt
Packing size 67x67x145cm
N.W./G.W. 100/130kg
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