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Portable Belt Sander
  • S-50
  • S-50B

Portable Belt Sander

1. Portable belt sander is small, light, and east to carry.
2. The combination of a S-50 abrasive band and grinding plate can conduct chamfering, deburring and surface polishing for tubing the workpiece, and proceeds with end face polishing and so on for the plate-shaped workpiece.
3. The portable belt sander S-50B is equipped with a large opening, making it especially suitable for surface polishing and grinding curved surface parts.

Technical Specifications
Portable Belt Sander
(S-50, S-50B)

Item No. 389012 389014
Model S-50 S-50B
Motor power 0.75kW 0.75kW
Contact wheel 75x50mm 100x75mm
Belt size 1000x50mm 1750x50mm
Belt speed 22m/sec 13m/sec
Packing size 54x44x37cm 80x50x55cm
N.W./G.W. 26/28kg 40/52kg
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