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Brief Introduction
1. In advanced design, this BC6050, BC6063 or BC60100 shaper incorporates such features as attractive appearance, reliable performance, stable precision, easy operation and maintenance.
2. The ram makes the horizontal linear reciprocate movement and the tool post can also rotate at multiple angles in the range of 90 degree. Moreover, the blade can be fed manually. Then the worktable will feed the workpiece in the intermittent motion vertically or horizontally. This shaper is mainly used for processing the flat surface, groove and dovetail surface. It is also suitable for processing the forming surface and cutting the workpiece fastened on the worktable via the tools in reciprocate movement.

Technical Specifications

Item No. 281002 281003/281004 281005
Model BC6050 BC6063/BC6066 BC60100
Max. shaping length 500mm 630/660mm 1000mm
Max. range of the horizontal movement of the worktable 525mm 385mm 800mm
Max. distance between the ram bottom and worktable 370mm 630mm 400mm
Max. length of the vertical movement of the worktable 270mm 360mm 380mm
Working area on the worktable (L×W) 440×360mm 630×400mm 660×400mm 1000×500mm
Max. stroke length of the tool post 120mm 120mm 160mm
Max. swivel angle of the tool post ±60° ±60° ±60°
Max. section of cutter arbor (W×T) 20×30mm 20×30mm 30×45mm
Number of ram reciprocation per minute 14-80 14,20,28,40,56,80 15,20,29,42,58,83
Range of table feed Horizontal feed 0.2-0.25mm/recip 0.2-2.5mm/recip 0.3-3mm/recip
Vertical feed 0.08-1mm/recip 0.08-1.00mm/recip 0.15-0.5mm/recip
Rapid travel of table Horizontal feed 0.95mm/recip - 3mm/recip
Vertical feed 0.38mm/recip 0.5mm/recip
Width of T-slot for center positioning 18mm 18mm 22mm
Power of the main motor 3kW 3kW 7.5kW
N.W./G.W. 1650/1750kg 1750/1870kg 4870/5150kg
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 1900×1200×1450mm 2342×1225×1480mm
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