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Belt Grinder
  • S-75
  • S-75F
  • S-150

Belt Grinder

1. Our belt grinder features high efficiency and precision, less dust and low noise.
2. The abrasive band is convenient for replacement and adjustment.
3. The angle of belt grinder head can be adjusted up and down.
4. Our belt grinder is equipped with a vibration-proof protective device and has an optional vacuum cleaner.
5. The S-75F is easy to move and used for polishing the large-area surface of sheet material.

Technical Specifications
Belt Grinder (S-75, S-150, S-75F)

Item No. 389001 389002 389015
Model S-75 S-150 S-75F
Motor power 3kW 2.2/2.8kW 3kW
Contact wheel 200x75mm 250x150mm 200x75mm
Belt size 2000x75mm 2000x150mm 2000x75mm
Belt speed 34m/sec. 18m/sec. 37m/sec. 34m/sec.
Packing size 115x57x57cm 115x65x65cm 105x70x95cm
N.W./G.W. 75/105kg 105/130kg 75/105kg
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