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Belt/Disk Sander
  • BTM250
  • DS-20
  • TSM300

Belt/Disk Sander

1. Belt or disk sander has an angular adjustable operating platform, which is convenient for operation.
2. The sand disk, after dynamic balancing, can ensure the minimum vibration upon operating.
3. It can connected with a dust vacuum system.

Technical Specifications
Belt or Disk Sander
(BTM250, TSM300, DS-20)

Item No. 389007 389004 389011
Model BTM250 TSM300 DS20
Belt dimension 150x1220mm
Belt speed 8.4m/sec.
Table dimension 152x267mm 305x415mm
Angular table adjustment 45°
Disk diameter 250mm 300mm
Table dimension 190x330mm
Disk speed 2100rpm 1960rpm 900rpm 50HZ
1100rpm 60HZ
Max. chamfer 15° 4.5mm
Chamfer angle 15°
Motor power 1.1KW 1.1KW
Miter stop 9.5x19mm
Disc size 508mm
Travel size 65x37mm
Base size 55.8cmx55.8cm
Grandient of work travel UP 30° Down 45°
Input power 1.5kW
Packing size 73x43x43cm(body) 55x43x64cm(stand) 52x54x127cm 77x71x138cm
N.W/G.W. 80/90kg 90/117kg 165/199kg
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