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Chamfering Machine, Edge Bevelling Machine
  • BKM250
  • CMD-80

Chamfering Machine, Edge Bevelling Machine

1. Our chamfering machine, edge bevelling machine proceeds chamfering for gray iron, steel plates and other workpieces.
2. Its angle can be arbitrarily adjusted from 45° to 15°.
3. The BKM250 not only has the polishing and grinding functions, but also can conduct accurate and even chamfering for edges of workpieces.
4. Optional exhaust connector.

Technical Specifications
Chamfering Machine, Edge Bevelling Machine
(BKM250, CMD-80)

Item No. 389005 389108
Model BKM250 CMD-80
Belt dimension 150x1220mm
Belt speed 14.5/sec.
Belt support area 159x375mm
Table dimension 188x375mm
Angular table adjustment 70°- 135°
Miter stop 9.5x19mm
Min. Work piece length 90mm
Max. chamfer 45° 6mm
Max. chamfer 15° 4.5mm
Chamfer angle 15°- 45° 15°- 45°
Chamfer size 0-6mm
Motor speed 2800rpm
Motor power 1.1kW 1.5HP
Packing size 85x63x116cm 59x48x58cm
N.W/G.W. 118/152kg 69/85kg
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