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Universal Milling Machine

Universal Milling Machine

1. Our universal milling machine LM1450A, whose Z-axis travel can reach 600MM, features manually/electrical operation, two-axis automatic feeding and three-axis hardening. The machine body and lifting platform with square guide way and lengthened slide block can improve the stability of the working table.
2. LM1450A adds a 45° rotary working table to LM1450 and features three-axis automatic feeding, 1.5 kilowatts of power, large torque and strong power. The speed of rapid movement can reach 2000 mm/min and the main-axis taper of universal milling head is BT50.

Technical Specifications

Item No. 383110 383011
Model LM1450 LM1450A
Spindle taper ISO40 ISO50
Max. end milling 125mm(V) 100mm(H) 200mm(V) 160mm(H)
Swivel angle milling head ±3600 ±3600
Range spindle speed 35-1600rpm(V) 40-1300rpm(H) 60-1800rpm(V) 60-1700rpm(H)
Distance from spindle to table 150-600mm 150-550mm
Table size 1250x360mm 1500x360mm
Table travel(X Y Z) 1000x300x390mm 900x400x405mm
T-slot(number-width-distance) 3/18/80mm 3/18/80mm
Main motor power 3kW 4kW
Packing size 167x167x225cm 200X200X225cm
N.W./G.W. 2600/2800kg 2650/2850kg
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