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Vertical Drilling Machine
  • T-35
  • T-40

Vertical Drilling Machine

1. Our vertical drilling machine features Danish design and European quality.
2. The powerful double-speed motor has eight rotating speeds and has a convenient tool retracting device.
3. The power-off shield protection of vertical drilling machine makes the work safer and efficient.
4. Our vertical drilling machine T-35 is controlled by PLC, and features attached electromagnetic automatic feeding.
5. Our vertical drilling machine has a reversible tap whose depth can be automatically adjusted by a positioning device.
6. It is equipped with a height-adjustable transparent cover.
7. The drill chuck is interlocked.
8. The vertical drilling machine T40 features automatic mechanical feeding, low noise, and high-power gear transmission.

Technical Specifications

Item No. 390012 390003 390004
Model T-32 T-35 T-40
Max. drilling dia.(mm) 32 35 40
Spindle travel(mm) 150 150 190
Tapping capacity in steel/cast iron M12/M16 M14/M18 M18/M32
Morse taper MT4 MT4 MT4
Motor power(50Hz) 1.3kW/1.5kW 1.5kW/1.8kW 2.2kW
Motor power(60Hz) 1.5kW/1.8kW 1.8kW/2.1kW 2.6kW
Spindle speeds at 50Hz 75-160-265-440-535- 890-1490-3010 75-160-265-440-535- 890-1490-3010 90-135-200-300- 440-670-980-1500
Spindle speeds at 60Hz 90-190-320-640-530- 1060-1790-3610 90-190-320-640-530- 1060-1790-3610 108-162-240-360-528- 805-1175-1800
Feed speed(mm/rev) 0.1-0.15-0.22-0.33 0.1-0.15-0.22-0.33 0.1-0.16-0.24-0.33
Packing size(cm) 170X67X90 170X67X85 217X57X93
N.W./G.W. 245/270kg 275/290kg 290/310kg
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