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Drilling and Milling Machine

Drilling and Milling Machine

1. The maximum drilling depth is 50MM and the maximum vertical milling capacity is 100MM.
2. Our drilling and milling machine is driven by belt or gear transmission.
3. The powerful double-speed motor of drilling and milling machine has eight rotating speeds.
4. The machine head can process a workpiece from different angles such as surface milling, end milling and so on.

Technical Specifications

Item No. 389207 383012 383013
Model ZX50C ZX5325 ZX5325C
Max.drilling dia. 50mm 50mm 50mm
Max. horizontal milling dia. 100mm 100mm 100mm
Max. vertical milling dia. 32mm 32mm 32mm
Max. boring dia. 100mm 100mm 100mm
Max. tapping dia. M16 M16
Spindle taper MT4,R8 Standard:MT4 Optional:ISO30,ISO40,R8
Spindle speed range (8step)115~1750rpm 270-2400rpm 115-1750rpm
Spindle travel 120mm 125mm 125mm
Table size 800x240mm 260x1000mm 260x1000mm
Table travel 400x230x380mm 450x280x380mm 450x280x380mm
Main motor power 0.85/1.5kW 1.5kW 0.85/1.5kW
Drive Gear Belt Gear
Packing size 127x95x180cm 114x114x222cm 114x114x222cm
N.W./G.W. 500/600kg 850/1050kg 870/1070kg
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