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Drilling and Milling Machine

Drilling and Milling Machine

1. This drilling and milling machine runs at continuously variable speed.
2. Driven by gears, it offers high torque.
3. Our product functions excellent drilling and threading performance.
4. Made in casting iron structure, it is durable enough for long term use.
5. The cooling pump is involved in the standard configuration of our product.
6. With microswitch for protection, this product will cut off the power if its door is opened.

Technical Parameters

Item No. 390030 390031
Model TX530 TX530A
Drilling capacity MT3 32 MT4 40(optional) MT4 40mm
Tapping capacity (mm) 19 25
Rotary swing (mm) 530 530
Spindle taper MT3 MT4(optional) MT4
Spindle travel (mm) 150 150
Spindle speed 245-2000rpm 65-540rpm 245-2000rpm 65-540rpm
Spindle end to worktable(mm) 850 605
Spindle end to pedestal (mm) 1180 1150
Shaft diameter(mm) 75 75
Column diameter(mm) 115 115
Motor power 1.5kW 1.5kW
Worktable size(mm) 560×470 560×470
Worktable slot(mm) 16 16
Pedestal size(mm) 485×685 485×685
Machine size(mm) 960×580×2030 580×950×2000
Net weight(kg) 340 382
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