Machine Vice
  • BMS100
  • TSL-140

Machine Vice

Technical Specifications

Item No. 376303 376304 376310 376311 376312
Model BMS100 BSM125 TSL-100 TSL-140 TSL-200
Jaw height 105mm 125mm 100mm 140mm 200mm
Jaw width 30mm 26mm 40mm 50mm 64mm
Jaw opening 100mm 125mm 108mm 147mm 212mm
Weight 4kg 10kg 13kg 18kg 20kg
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TRI-UNION is a China-based machine vice manufacturer and supplier. We offer machine vices, portable band saws, circular saws, and so on. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. We can supply the full chain of manufacturing 3-in-1 machines, English wheels, etc. right here in China. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. More details on each of our products are shown on the description page.