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Hydraulic Right Angle Notcher

Hydraulic Right Angle Notcher

Detailed Information
1. The maximum cutting thickness of this hydraulic right angle notcher is 6.5mm.
2. The notch size is 250×250mm.
3. Our product is able to quickly cut the material at 90°.
4. It is featured by the compact structure, small volume and convenient operation.

Technical Parameters
Item No. 372410
Specifications HNM-6
Cutting angle 90°
Max. cutting length(mm) 250
Max. cutting thickness(mm) 6.5
Number of stroke (per min) 24
Size of worktable(mm) 810×750
Motor power(kW) 4
Motor speed(rpm) 1440
Hydraulic tank volume (L) 35
Max. working pressure (Mpa) 12
Packing size(mm) 1010×850×1400
N.W./G.W.(kg) 630/820
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