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Mechanical Shearing Machine QB11 Series

Mechanical Shearing Machine QB11 Series

Brief Introduction
1.The mechanical shearing machine QB11 series is structured with the spindle mounted with eccentric wheel. Controlled by electrical components, the product achieves the purpose of shearing through the combination and detachment of turning keys.
2. The product whose maximum shearing thickness is 10 mm adopts double supporting columns. The working speed is reduced in two steps by the gear driving system with v-belt.
3. With the maximum shearing thickness ranging from 10mm to 20mm, theses products are supported by three columns and driven by one open and one closed gears, functioning reliable material pressing, positioning and excellent rigidity.

Technical Specifications
Item No. 261072 261073 261074 261075
Specifications QB11-8×2500 QB11-13×2500 QB11-16×2500 QB11-20×2500
Max. shearing thickness 8mm 13mm 16mm 20mm
Max. shearing width 2500mm 2500mm 2500mm 2500mm
Strength of sheet material ≤500Mpa ≤500Mpa ≤500Mpa ≤470Mpa
Throat depth 210mm 250mm 250mm 300mm
Shearing angle 2°30' 3.25°
Allowable times of cutting 10/min 11/min 11/min 6/min
Times of stroke 30/min 30/min 30/min 24/min
Flywheel speed 335r/min 970r/min 970r/min 410r/min
Pressing force 18kN 25kN 30kN 96kN
Distance between columns 2540mm 2540mm 2540mm 2570mm
Max. distance of back gauge 460mm 460mm 460mm 750mm
Length of the blade 2540mm 2540mm 2540mm 2540mm
Worktable height 650mm 680mm 680mm 685mm
Motor Motor model Y160L2-6 Y180L-6 Y200L-6 Y200L-4
Power 11kW 15kW 22kW 37kW
Speed 970r/min 970r/min 970r/min 960r/min
Overall dimension 3550×2170×2115mm 3595×2160×2440mm 3595×2160×2440mm 3790×2665×2800mm
Weight 7000kg 11500kg 12000kg 17000kg
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