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Universal Shearing Machine
  • MMS-2
  • QSM-3

Universal Shearing Machine

Our universal shearing machine features simple operation and can finish linear shearing, arc shearing, and even arbitrary shape shearing.

Technical Specifications

Item No. 376207 372503 372501 372502
Model QSM-3 MMS-1 MMS-2 MMS-3
Max. capacity (mm) Max. shearing thickness 3.0 1.5 2.0 3.0
Max. shearing width 1000
Max. shearing radius 40-240
Motor(kW) 1.1 - - -
Rotation(rpm) 1400 - - -
Packing size(cm) 167X72X118 40x15x16 19x18x24 32x24x34
N.W./G.W.(Kg) 460/510 2/2.5 9/10 21/22
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