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Slip Roll Machine

Slip Roll Machine

1. The processing capacity of the slip roll machine ranges from 305MM to 1300MM.
2. Our slip roll machine not only reels but can also cone the materials.
3. Our slip roll machine can roll the round bar steels whose specifications are ¢6, ¢8,
¢10 and so on.
4. The upper axis of our slip roll machine can be easily pulled out in order to take out the processed workpiece.
5. Our slip roll machine features easy and manual operation.

Technical Specifications

Item No. Model Max. Thickness (mm) Max. Width (mm) Dia. of Roll(mm) Packing Dimension (mm) N.W./G.W.(kg)
374006 SJ320 1.0 320 32 48X22X19 13/14.5
374007 SJ300 1.0 300 32 48X22X18 13/14.5
374001 W01-0.8X305 0.8 305 25.4 54X24X28 13/14.5
374002 W01-0.8X610 0.8 610 38 95X27X38 37/40
374003 W01-0.8X915 0.8 915 50 134X34X50 80/90
374004 W01-0.8X1000 0.8 1000 50 148X35X50 86/107
374005 W01-1.5X1300 1.5 1300 75 173X45X54 195/220
374201 W01-1.5x915 1.5 915 50 134X45X58 95/120
374202 W01-1.5x1300 1.5 1300 75 175X50X60 245/275
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