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Electric Rolling Machine

Electric Rolling Machine

1. The maximum processing capacity of the heavy electric rolling machine can reach 4.5 MM.
2. The electric rolling machine not only reels but also can cone the materials.
3. It can roll the round bar steels whose specifications are ¢6, ¢8, ¢10 and so on.
4. The electric rolling machine features a roller quenching that is more durable.
5. The upper axis is fixed. The electric rolling machine runs through adjusting the lower and rear axes.
6. The locking structure of upper roller can smooth the roller's operation.
7. The 24V pedal switch is safe and easy to operate.
8. The safety mechanism of electric rolling machine is in line with the CE Standard.

Technical Specifications

Item No. Model Max. Thickness (mm) Max. Width (mm) Dia. of Roll(mm) Motor Power (Kw) Packing Dimension (mm) N.W./G.W. (kg)
391104 ESR-1300X2.5 2.5 1300 90 1.5 200X72X120 540/600
391105 ESR-1300X4.5 4.5 1300 120 2.2 200X76X127 750/830
391106 ESR-1550X3.5 3.5 1550 120 2.2 222X76X127 790/890
391107 ESR-2020X3.0 3.0 2020 127 4.0 270X87X130 1100/1200
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