Arbor Press
  • AP-3
  • RAP-3

Arbor Press

1. The arbor press is an ordinary press machine, who's processing capacity ranges from 1/2 ton to 5 tons.
2. Its working table has four dimensional locating holes which are suitable for different workpieces.

Technical Specifications

Item No. Model Capa
& Dia
Largest Arbor (mm) Ram Square
376501 AP-1/2 1/2 90X80 26 19X19 280 240X170 26X12X29 11/12
376502 AP-1 1.0 110X100 29 25X25 355 268X190 29X14X35 15/16
376503 AP-2 2.0 180X123 40 32X32 445 432X260 46X20X46 36/38
376504 AP-3 3.0 285X163 44 38X38 615 455X300 46X24X64 63/65
376505 AP-5 5.0 400X226 70 50X50 815 645X176 76X37X95 155/166
Item No. 376509 376506 376507
Model MP-800 RAP-2 RAP-3
Pressure(ton) 0.8 2 3
Pressure stroke(mm) 2.0 - -
Max. shut height(mm) 140 - -
Opening(mm) - 180 380
Packing size(cm) 38x38x66 45x20x47 46x23x63
N.W./G.W. 38/44 44/46 58/60
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