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Fixed Table Press

Fixed Table Press

1.This fixed table press realizes the application of diverse cold stamping processes including blanking, punching, molding, curving, flat stretching and so on. It is widely used in the industrial field of manufacturing the electric component, instrument and apparatus, vehicle, machinery, agriculture machinery, hardware and other equipment.
2. The machine body made of cast iron shows stable performance, high strength and rigidity. It is economical and durable.
3. With the C shaped frame, this machine body is convenient for mounting the dies and processing the materials in large size.
4. The horizontally mounted crankshaft is easy for repair.
5. Our fixed table press also employs the solid clutch with rotary keys in simply construction.
6. The band brake that is easily to be adjusted.
7. The overload protector is able to keep the machine from damage if the machine is overloaded.
8. Designed in simple structure, this product is versatile and easy for maintenance and operation.

Technical Parameters

Item No. 251071 251072 251073 251074
Model J21-80 J21-100 J21-125 J21-160
Nominal force(kN) 800 1000 1250 1600
Nominal travel(mm) 5 5 6 6
Slide travel(mm) 100 100 120 140
Number of stroke (per min) 50 40 38 40
Max. height of die (mm) 300 300 320 350
Height adjustment of die (mm) 60 80 100 110
Distance from slide block center to the frame(mm) 260 310 350 380
Worktable size(mm) 470×750 570×860 650×1000 710×1120
Dimension of worktable hole(mm) ø180 ø180 ø200 ø220
Thickness of bolster plate (mm) 80 90 110 130
Slide area(mm) 260×300 360×450 420×520 440×560
Shank hole (mm) ø60×80 ø60×80 ø60×80 ø65×90
Distance between columns (mm) 300 420 520 640
Motor Type Y132S-4 Y132M-4 Y160L-6 Y180L-6
Power (kW) 5.5 7.5 11 15
Overall dimension(mm) 1650×1265×2450 1820×1400×2670 1900×1650×3400 2040×1765×3200
Weight(kg) 5200 6300 9800 13500
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