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Hydraulic Pipe Bender
  • EHB-10
  • HB-10
  • HB-16

Hydraulic Pipe Bender

1. The hydraulic pipe bender can bend the pipe easy with cylinder. It has various molds to bend the pipe in various sizes.
2. EHB-10 with motor can work more efficiency

Technical Specifications

Item Model Max. Pressure (ton) Max. Ram Strike (mm) Packing Size (cm) N.W/G.W (kg)
375001 HB-10 10 155 71x59x22 45/48
375002 HB-12 12 240 63x57x18 40/43
375003 HB-16 16 240 82x62x24 85/88
375004 EHB-10 10 155 72x59x50 53/60
375005 HB-8 8 120+60 72x36x28 43/45
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