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Rotary Machine
  • RM08
  • RM18
  • RM18E

Rotary Machine

1. The rotary machine, the same as the ordinary beading machine, is used for blank pressing, arc pressing and so on for various plates.
2. The rotary machine includes 6 sets standard rollers and can be forming different shapes to meet various processing demands.

Technical Specifications

Item No. 373205 373226 373206 373219
Model RM08 RM12 RM18 RM18E
Capacity 0.8mm/22Ga 1.2mm/18Ga 1.2mm/18Ga 1.8mm/15Ga
Throat Depth 177mm/7" 305mm/12" 457mm/18" 238mm/9-3/8"
Packing (cm) 50x45x16 38x45x16 73x27x14 88x53x123
N.W./G.W. 22/24kg 19/21kg 24/26kg 140/171kg
48/53lb 42/46lb 53/57lb 311/380lb
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