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Bead Bending Machine
  • ETB-12
  • ETB-40
  • RM36
  • TB-12

Bead Bending Machine

The bead bending machine makes swaged plate, connection and so on of circular pipes, which refer to crushing the thin plates into the ribs in certain shapes. The rigidity of the plates, pipes or metal components is strengthened. The bead bending machine features small size, light weight and easy operation.

Technical Specifications
a) TB-12, ETB-12, ETB-40

Item No. 373801 373803 373803 373804
Model TB-12 ETB-12 ETB-25 ETB-40
Thickness max 1.2mm/18Ga 1.2mm/18Ga 2.5mm/12Ga 4mm/8Ga
Cylinder length 140mm/ 5-1/2" 140mm/ 5-1/2" 120mm/ 4-3/4" 165mm/ 6-1/2"
Throat depth 200mm/ 8" 200mm/ 8" 280mm/ 11" 300mm/ 12"
Cylinder speed 32rpm 20rpm 15.3rpm
Motor power 0.75kW / 1HP 1.5kW / 2HP 2.2kW / 3HP
Net weight 48kg/106lb 120kg/265lb 235kg/518lb 341kg/752lb
Packing size (cm) 67x32x60 110x48x148 147x58x135 165x58x140

Diagram of ETB-12 Standard Mold and Optional Mold: Diagram of ETB-25/ETB-40 Standard Mold and Optional Mold:

b) RM24, RM36, RM42

Item No. 373805 373806 373807
Model RM24 RM36 RM42
Capacity 1.0mm/20Ga 1.0mm/20Ga 1.0mm/20Ga
Throat depth 610mm/24" 910mm/36" 1067mm/42"
Packing size (cm) 90x70x40 120x70x40 165x80x40
N.W./G.W. 60/74kg 74/82kg 87/95kg
132/163lb 163/181lb 192/210lb
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