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Auxiliary Roll Forming Machine
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  • AX20G
  • AX20G

Auxiliary Roll Forming Machine

1. The auxiliary roll forming machine AX20G is used to produce general vent pipes.
2. Both sides of the auxiliary roll forming machine are respectively equipped with a group of roller, quickly presses the special sheet metals into shapes.
3. Customers can replace the rollers according to their needs and achieve the features of multi functions, various combination and flexible applicability. The auxiliary roll forming machine has five sets of roller wheels.
4. The roller wheels can be replaced quickly.
5. The auxiliary roll forming machine can process plates whose thickness is 1MM.

Technical Specifications

Item No. 373901
Model AX20G
Capacity 20Ga. Max- 26Ga. Min
Speed (rpm) 40
Motor (kW) 3.7
Packing size (cm) 157x82x120
N.W./G.W.(kg) 260/320
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